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  • Where is your headquarters?
    You can find our office inside the Lambrakis Bridal House at 93 Knossos Avenue in Heraklion, Crete
  • How many events is undertaken on the same day?
    For quality assurance reasons we limit our events to 1 to 2 for some dates
  • What does your offer include?
    We divide our offer into three sections. The cost to purchase all digital files of the shoot in high resolution without logos, if you need video editing (editing) and if you also need printing.
  • How many albums does your offer include?
    We usually do not include any printing costs in our initial quote. We provide photo prints in 2 sizes and a large print on Canvas within our offer However we do offer printing from selected album printing and binding workshops if you give us their printing order within one month of delivery of the material to you.
  • How is the payment made?
    We ask for a small deposit to close your date. As soon as the shoots are finished we pay for the photos and videos after checking that the material has been taken correctly. Then we proceed to the processing of all the material (editing the images with mock-ups of the digital book and editing the video).
  • When and how is the delivery made?
    Processing time can take from 2 weeks for events held from January to May and up to 12 weeks for events from June to September. Delivery can be done on usb and if you want to secure your files forever we take care of online storage
  • How do I order my digital album?
    Creating a digital album depends in principle on how many sheets you want it to contain as it is made exclusively for you. We suggest starting with a 40-page design, but a digital album can be up to 80 pages. After choosing and arriving at the final mockup to be printed, we choose its size which determines the final cost. This cost is sent to the printing company together with the models and within 6 weeks you receive it.
  • Is there a discount on your services?
    There are discounts of up to 20% on selected dates each year Also if you happen to choose a wedding dress from our Bridal House
  • What about the rights of the photos?
    All images are yours to own and use on social media and in print However, we retain the copyright to 10 to 20 images for the purpose of advertising our services while their use for advertising purposes of another professional is prohibited without the consent of the photographer
  • Do you have a Drone?
    Yes, we also provide aerial photography services if requested
  • When should I inform you about our cooperation?
    As soon as possible as we take on very few events each year
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